Marketing Your Wines To Millennials

  Of interest to many winemakers, and what possibly should be of interest to more, is new marketing angles. Do you stick with what has worked and stay comfortable? No one can blame you. The baby boomers are still buying bottles galore. “The generational shift in aspirational models and peer influences is something wine producers haven’t generally come to terms with.”  However, there’s a shift happening across nearly all industries. If you are looking to

Storytelling Expert For Personal Or Small Business

Need an expert in storytelling for your business or personal projects? Tell me your story, long or short, and I can help you make it what you want it to be. With just an email, your ideas or words and basic information, I can get started on your project quickly. In the end, the stories and posts will have your voice (sound like you), but will be ready for the world to see! You’ll be proud

Hire A Copywriter & Copy Editor For Your Business

Why You Deserve A Copywriter For Your Small Business I can help you take your business to another level through even the smallest projects and budgets, and the long-term value you get far outweighs the amount you pay for services. As an affordable, professional freelance copywriter and copyeditor, I do quite a few things for people just like you, including planning, writing, rewriting, revamping, project management and consulting, editing your writing for errors, etc. As

Blog Post For Retail Home Décor Website

(Note: Dot & Bo was sold and some links are no longer viable)   In this piece (1 of 2 for both coasts) I was asked to write a blog piece that ties into Dot & Bo products to link to as well as provide example photos from online. The first version is without those links to products and photos, below that is with links included.   Final: Tagline: Do you have what it

Short Small Business Feature For Local Newspaper

This Napa Valley business profile piece is a short write-up for a “Biz Buzz” in the local newspaper using the business owner’s notes and quotes. It was saved by the newspaper for the Sunday edition due to “how well it [was] written”. Including the headline, it’s around 390 words: Audio House was given the feature story in the December 2016 issue of the prestigious Mobile Electronics Magazine — the Vogue Magazine of the electronics industry.

Client: Savvy Event Studios, Wedding Planner in Italy and Miami

I’ve recently finished writing/rewriting 21 pages for an Italian destination wedding planner’s website. As of this blog post, the website has not been updated yet and only contains the old copy. I’m happy to provide any samples upon request for:   Home page (see sample below) About page (see sample below) Client page Client profiles Location pages (see sample below) Several “Specialty” pages of her services Weekly blogs (see sample below) A sample Wedding Itinerary sent to her