Need an expert in storytelling for your business or personal projects? Tell me your story, long or short, and I can help you make it what you want it to be. With just an email, your ideas or words and basic information, I can get started on your project quickly.

In the end, the stories and posts will have your voice (sound like you), but will be ready for the world to see! You’ll be proud to post them online.

Clients send me all sizes of projects that need a storyteller:

  • Some email me just 50-100 words from something they found on their Facebook memories or want to put on Facebook but want it to sound better. Whether it’s business or personal, I’ve done both types of storytelling.

  • Your entire website, blog, your newsletter, email campaigns, or just your About Me page, all can be told from your voice using my strengths as a storyteller.

  • Confident with your storytelling or not quite sure? I can use your longer non-fiction memoir or another kind of manuscript and rework it or simply just give feedback and then polish it for you so it’s ready to self-publish or submit to a publisher.

  • Have an essay or blog post you want to go somewhere but aren’t quite there yet? I can help you! Storytelling is not easy for everyone. I’m happy to help!

  • I’m your girl if you’ve got products that you want long descriptions for that read like a story.

  • I also formulate tweets in 140 characters or less that tell your story or your enhance your brand and engage your customers and prospects, just by simple prompts you’ve sent me or ideas we’ve hashed out.

I’m a freelance copywriter and copyeditor based in the Napa Valley, USA. I love to help my clients with storytelling that gives them the confidence to move forward on personal and business projects, both online and off. I love to hear success stories!

Contact me today at for storytelling that’s in your voice, in your name, and that’s Fast. Easy. Affordable.

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Storytelling Expert For Personal Or Small Business