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Fair and affordable rates offered for all copywriting projects in Napa, California, the United States, and around the world.

The Elephant In The Room

I charge very fair, affordable rates. A small one-off project could literally cost you $25 or $50. Those things that need to be done but you don't feel like you have the time, talent or money to take care of could be completed and sent to your inbox in just a few days for less than it costs to go out for dinner. Contact me today or learn more about getting started.

Marketing materials are another extension of the Content Marketing machine. Target new prospects or breath life into old customers and clients.

Marketing Materials

You need persuasive, tight copy for your printed or online marketing material. I specialize in short copy and will provide you with what you need to launch new marketing campaigns like fundraising letters, brochures, advertisements, postcards, and fliers. 

Social media posts are still hot and necessary for your business. Storytelling is key to getting your posts shared and bringing traffic back to your website.

Social Media Posts

Social Media informs your readers and buyers of what you have to offer, yes. But if done right, you stay relevant, noticeable, likeable, trusted, and you draw readers back to your website which is where you convert them to loyal, return customers.  

Find out more about Content Marketing and what it can do for your business growth and sales.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is key to getting traffic to your website and converting visitors into repeat readers and customers. CM includes blogs and web content, advertising blurbs and more. We'll give your readers and prospective customers reasons to care through storytelling and sharing; they'll reward you with loyalty. And so will the search engines.

If you have a need for an email or several, perhaps a drip campaign or a one-off marketing event, I'm here to help.

E-mail Campaigns

E-mails are important for follow-ups, fundraising, encouraging website traffic, newsletters, sales and more. Whether you need one e-mail or twenty, I'll deliver persuasive campaigns to inform your readers and expand your business.

Search Engine Optimization is always changing and always uncertain. But I can help point you in the right direction with solid keywords in naturally sounding copy.

Search Engine Optimization

Like Content Marketing, you'll need to keep your eye on what Google wants to see in your online content. Your website cannot grow and thrive without Google's acceptance of you and the search engine traffic you get from SEO.

When you need solid, tight, persuasive but trustworthy and natural web copy for your website pages.

Website Copy

I absolutely love to dive into a website that needs an uplift. I'll edit or rewrite your web copy with unique, SEO-rich, clean, readable, persuasive (but not "salesy") content that keeps the reader's interest, informs them about your business, and converts them into loyal, return consumers. The search engines will like it too, I promise.

Short copy can be serious or it can be fun, no matter what product you're peddling. Are you selling information products or physical products?

Product Descriptions

I specialize in product descriptions for both physical products and information products (like e-books). If you're launching a new product, have an online shop or print catalog, or need a revamp on old descriptions, contact me. 

No matter what your project, I'm here to listen to your needs. I will only take on what I know I can do well to serve my clients.

More Coming Soon...

I'm so busy writing, momming, and drinking coffee that I have not yet listed all that I do. So I'll be listing more services soon...

In the meantime, contact me with your questions and project ideas and we'll have a chat about what I can do to help you. 

As a copywriter, I get to do all kinds of projects for all kinds of people in all kinds of industries and all kinds of countries. It's all kinds of cool.

I've worked with wedding planners in Italy and Miami, maid service owners in North Carolina, a non-profit animal rescue in Napa, a 30+ year-old custom shutter company in Southern California, a swanky home decor company in San Francisco, a retail flooring website owner in Arizona, an herbalist in Tacoma, a popular eyeglass retail chain across the U.S., a life coach in San Francisco and a therapist in Seattle, an outdoor lighting company in South Carolina, and many more! 

Visit this link on my blog for more in-depth posts on my clients, my services, client testimonials, and portfolio work.
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