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It's quite easy to get started with your project by simply sending me an e-mail with details about your business (website, other links, etc) so I can research you and your target market. You'll tell me about what you need to have written and when you absolutely must have it if there's a tight deadline. I may have a few questions for you. 

Then I'll send you a quote for you to approve before I get started. See payment information below.

Turnaround Time

Depending on the services you need, it usually only takes a couple of e-mails between us to get rolling. Shortly after, I will complete the project and volley it back to your inbox.

Small one-page projects are usually completed in five business days or sooner, depending on my client calendar and a few other factors. Larger projects typically take three weeks or less, depending on my calendar and the amount of research and writing involved.

There may be a need for light revisions, and that will add time. 

Meetings & Communication

I've chosen my path as an affordable copywriter and with that I need to keep my administrative costs low. For my local clients specifically, one of the ways I do this is by working from home versus attending in-person meetings (though they're not off the table completely). We also have text, e-mail, phone, and Skype as needed.


I will invoice you via Paypal and you can pay with your credit, debit, (or if you already have Paypal) your checking account or Paypal funds.

To serve my family and my clients well with my focused time, and to keep our copywriting project fees low, I require payment up front on small projects, or 50% on larger projects with the final 50% before I deliver. This frees me from having to spend what would be billable hours tracking down payments after the project is handed over to my busy clients. 

Typically projects are quoted with a "fixed fee" that's easy to pay up front. If it's an hourly fee for an on-going project, we'll discuss a retainer that works for both of us.

It's not unusual for clients to be overwhelmed and busy, or to need to share copy with others on their team before it's approved, and I completely understand and support that. I'm always here and ready to help with further revisions** and work. But when payment is taken care of immediately upon hiring there's no stress or worry later.

**Please note that extensive revisions and rewrites may require another nominal fee, but that's almost never the case. 

So Let's Dive Right In! 
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Getting started on a copywriting project is easy, fast, and affordable!