An “Eat Local Group” out of Pierce County in Washington State commissioned me to write a simple, short profile about their group to replace the existing one. This is for use on a Facebook platform group, as well as any needed marketing on other websites or fliers featuring their group.

The goal was to get more people to understand what the group is up-front, and to assure farmers/growers and co-op buyers that the coordinator is volunteer only.

We are a small, Pierce County, Washington group of like-minded people buying from local growers and sharing resources and information using the Facebook platform. Our group is comprised of a variety of new and seasoned small livestock owners (like chickens, rabbits, and goats), gardeners, bakers, farmers, homesteaders, foragers, and others who are interested in some aspects of sustainability and supporting local farmer’s markets. We wish to eat fresh, locally grown, organic, just plain good food that comes from people we meet in our area.

Amanda Ramsey coordinates the group as a volunteer. Farmers and growers can rest-assured their products are not tampered with or re-sold for profit. Amanda facilitates buys of locally grown and produced items like grains, beans, honey, fruit, eggs, roasted coffee, and more in bulk from local growers/farmers and gets it to others in the group who purchase their share. Our group also helps facilitate for those who wish to give free food from their gardens or barter and trade goods.

Client: Profile or Description for “Eat Local Group”