Due to these blogs being ghostwritten for my clients, and also not wanting to compete on search engines with duplicate content, I cannot share them online. Contact me for more information and samples!

Usually from 500 words to over 1,800 words, I write researched blog posts on topics such as some of the following:

Abuse of all kinds
Fighting depression and anxiety
Moving in with someone
Relationship issues
Many more…

Some things to know:

My clients sometimes pick the topics, or let me choose. It’s completely up to you.

Typically each client asks for 1-2 blog posts per week, once or over an extended period of time.

I can supply one-off posts, a “drip” of posts over weeks or months, or several in a batch.

My fees for life coach and counselor blog posts are quite reasonable!

I ask for up-front payment for ghostwriting blog post projects.

Ghostwritten Blog Posts and Articles For Life Coaches and Therapists