This Napa Valley business profile piece is a short write-up for a “Biz Buzz” in the local newspaper using the business owner’s notes and quotes. It was saved by the newspaper for the Sunday edition due to “how well it [was] written”.

Including the headline, it’s around 390 words:

Short Small Business Profile Feature For Local Newspaper by Napa Valley copywriter

Audio House was given the feature story in the December 2016 issue of the prestigious Mobile Electronics Magazine — the Vogue Magazine of the electronics industry. Jag Rattu has owned Audio House for over a decade and was honored and humbled by national coverage of his local Napa business.

“When we started in 2006, it was just me and two other installers. They worked their butts off,” Rattu said. “The store was open six days a week. I worked every day.” Today, 30 percent of the shop’s business is window tinting with the other 70 percent spread amongst all mobile electronics categories, primarily car audio. In 2015, Jag moved his business to 645 Soscol and built his new shop from the ground up.

Rattu won over customers with his welcoming, non-pressured approach to each sale, and by reaching out to local businesses to build a community eager for new technology. “We always want our customers to walk away feeling satisfied and educated. Never “sold” or confused. Our shop is unique in the sense that it’s like the old Cheers theme song; it’s a place where everybody knows your name.”

Even though they’ve had a few growing pains, Rattu says business is better than ever. He appreciates every customer and enjoys serving his community. He worked hard to build his business and now reaps the rewards by paying it forward.

Audio house has been very much involved in the Napa community by supporting local non-profits annually, including the rescue Whiskers, Tails and Ferals, as well as local schools and sports clubs. He contributes money, product donations, and time to make life better for the children and animals of Napa.

“Over the years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people in this small community. We’ve sponsored a swim team, jog-a-thon, Napa High Baseball and put in lights and a sound system for the little league stadium. I did it because I love baseball, love seeing the kids play. I love this community.”

Audio House offers a variety of services including car stereo upgrades, remote starters, back up cameras, alarm systems, as well as window tint for cars, commercial properties, and homes.

Jag lives in American Canyon with his wife Cynthia, 7-year-old twins Jaya and Nihal, and a crazy Jack Russell Terrier named Lily.

Short Small Business Feature For Local Newspaper