I Write.
A Lot.

I'm a freelance writer, humor writer, volunteer, mom, and much more. As a copywriter, I get to do all kinds of projects for all kinds of people in all kinds of industries and all kinds of countries. It's all kinds of cool.

I grew up in "Wine Country" New York (aka The Finger Lakes area), and have been living in Napa, California for over a decade. I've been raising four boys for over two decades, and have been a writer for over three of my four decades on Earth. But that makes me sound like I'm into numbers.

I'm No Mathematician.

But I am interested in humans, behavior, and what makes people read and buy and stay loyal. 

I'm simply a pleasure to work with, according to my mother...and my clients. I don't make promises to my kids or my clients that I can't keep, and I'm communicative, friendly, professional but easy-going, and deliver on-time.

What I Believe.

I believe you don't need to pay $5,000 for a copywriting project that can be done more fairly priced. Yes, I'm a professional copywriter, and my work is indeed worth its salt and I deserve fair pay. However, while I'm trained and experienced, I'm still a compassionate human who enjoys helping others for a reasonable fee. 

I've chosen my path as an affordable copywriter and with that I need to keep my administrative costs low. What that means is, I prefer working from home versus meetings and I require payment up front on small projects, or 50% on larger projects, or a retainer for ongoing hourly projects. See more information about why, getting started, and paying for services.

So What's Left To Talk About?

You should know, I'll do a much better job working quickly and consistently on your writing projects than my own.

Visit this page on my blog for some information about my services, clients, testimonials, and copywriting portfolio


Gina Ritter is a freelance copywriter living in Napa, California but serving clients across the U.S. and internationally with quality copy for blogs, web pages, and more.

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